Sleep Identity

Comfy mattresses are made with OWN PRODUCED pocket springs. Since each spring can move independently, the couples' turns during sleep do not disturb each other.

All springs used in Comfy mattresses are produced in the factory in SİLİVRİ / İSTANBUL.

Unlike many manufacturers, Pocket Spring Systems are used in all of our mattresses.

HAND CRAFTSMANSHIP is also used in Comfy mattresses. Mattress edges are hand-stitched to provide greater comfort and longevity.



TUFTING process has been applied to the upper surfaces of handmade Comfy mattresses.

Micro tablet springs used as comfort layers; As the number of springs increases, it provides different levels of comfort.

All mattresses are made with NATURAL MATERIALS; Plastic, polyester or synthetic products are not used in the production process.

The spring system used in our mattresses has a 10 year warranty because we trust our 20 years of pocket spring production experience.