Why Natural Sleep?

Why Natural Sleep?


    The combination of natural fibers regulates body temperature and humidity in organic bedding. Natural fillings have extremely high air circulation. It keeps your body cool and dry while you sleep, and also locks in moisture. It keeps your body at the ideal sleeping temperature for a deep and restful sleep.


    The reason for choosing natural mattresses is that they adapt to the sleeping style you are used to. In this way, it prevents pressure from being applied to your body from a single point and distributes the weight evenly. It helps reduce your back pain and improves your sleep quality.


    Sleep the way nature intended. You sleep better with natural fillings. Because they are softer, flexible and naturally breathable. This means they allow your body temperature to self-regulate and wick away moisture. This way, you will feel rested and vigorous when you wake up in the morning. Natural ingredients support satisfying and soul-nourishing sleep. After sleeping on a softer and environmentally friendly mattress, your morale will be higher and you will feel better mentally and physically. you feel energetic.


    Natural fillings; It is resistant to fire, mold and allergens, and has high breathability. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of healthcare. Allergies can be a serious threat to healthy, quality sleep. Anyone with respiratory allergies, such as asthma, can be exposed to dust and moisture when sleeping on a standard mattress.

Ideal Sleep with the Most Appropriate Ergonomic Position

The back area is very important in the human body. This area powers your ability to lift, walk and move your head. Keeping your back strong and balanced is crucial for lifelong comfort. One of the most important things to consider when choosing a mattress is how well it supports your spine.

At Comfy, we have perfected the right level of firmness and comfort in our mattresses. Our mattresses feature pocket springs that help keep your spine in the most ergonomic position and support your back throughout your sleep. Whether you lie on your back or side, every contour of your body is supported by a weightless effect. This ideal firmness level gives you the best possible sleep.

Pocket Spring System

Since the springs are not directly connected to each other, they react differently at different points depending on the pressure applied by our body. This provides the full support that every part of our body needs during sleep.

There is a common misconception that pocket spring mattresses are soft. However, contrary to popular belief, ergonomic mattresses can be produced by adjusting the thickness of the steel wire used and the diameter and length of the spring form created.

Since pocket spring mattresses have an ergonomic structure due to their form, they provide relief against joint pain such as waist, back and neck.

Since there is no direct connection between the springs in the pocket spring system, couples are not affected by each other's rotations during sleep.